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“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

(Source: Bo Derek)

France is a very cultural country and while touring this country, you will get the feel of the Napoleon Era. The historical buildings and monuments are preserved till today and thousands of tourists belonging to different countries of the world come here just to get the historical feel of the country. There are many cities and towns in France that tourist turn towards. Domfront is a well-established region in France which is highly regarded for its cultural feel and exciting tourist attractions.

Farmer’s Marker is where you go for fresh produce


Farmer Market And Shopping Malls

The scope of this article is to look into Domfront from a different angle. In this article, we are not going to share with you any kind of tourist attractions or adventurous spots of Domfront. Instead, we will briefly share with you some of the farmer’s markets and shopping malls that are highly rated in Domfront.

Popular Farmer Markets

A Farmer’s Market is basically a marketplace from where you can get fresh vegetables and fruits directly sold by the farmers themselves. Getting your hands on fresh items must be your top priority. The freshness of these vegetables and fruits makes them healthier as compared to those which you normally find in the departmental stores. Some well-known Framer’s Markets are as follows:

Cheese and meats can be bought fresh from the farm

Gaec De L’Oueffrie

Gaec De L’Oueffrie is a well-known farmer’s market which is often seen crowded due to numerous visitors, particularly during the weekends. You come across different nutritious products that are offered in the market. Some products because of which the market is famous include Cider, Calvados AOC, Aperitif of pear, sparkling pear juice, and much more.

  Gaec Pautonnier

This is another farmer’s market which is highly popular in Domfront. Both the locals as well as the tourists visit it to quench their shopping thirst. Gaec Pautonnier is more of a farming association which has been in operation for the last 7 years. The market is well-known for its offerings, pertaining to cereal cultivation, oilseeds, and legumes.

Chè vrefeuille GIE des Huit Fermes

Chè vrefeuille GIE des Huit Fermes is a famous farmer’s market that has been there in Domfront for quite some time now. A variety of products are sold in this market, most of which are related to fruits, grocery, and vegetables.

Shopping Malls

Domfront is also not short of shopping centers and malls. The shopping malls here are open throughout the year and visiting the malls is no less than a picnic. Let’s see some of the malls that are worth a visit.

Domfront boasts of malls where shoppers flock to every day

Boudin Martine

Boudin Martine is a nice shopping mall to visit. The mall is home to different fashion items related to men and women. You can find some of the best fashion brands that are available in the mall. The mall is often seen crowded due to the heavy influx of people from both within as well as outside Domfront.


If you are looking for a shopping mall related to Men’s Clothing in Domfront, the only highly rated shop for its quality clothes is Référence. Both cultural, as well as modern-day men clothing, can be found in this mall. It is well-maintained and is feasible for families to visit.

Orrière Patrick

If you want to purchase a nice jewelry set for your wife, then there is no better place in Domfront than Orrière Patrick. A variety of jewelry items can be found here with ease. Yes, some items are expensive; however, to get hold of the high quality, you should be willing to pay high as well.

Extra Offering! Make Your Taste Buds Dance

After visiting these farmer’s markets and shopping malls, you are bound to get hungry. To quench your hunger, you can turn towards different restaurants and eateries that are there in Domfront.  The restaurants here are home to both modern-day exotic dishes as well as traditional French offerings. You can learn more about Domfront’s restaurants by clicking this on Trip Advisor.


About Domfront

France is one of the most developed and progressive countries of Europe. The country is noted for its rich history and fantastic tourist attractions. France is a place where every year thousands of people come to spend their vacations. There are many cities within France which you, as a tourist, can select as your vacation spot. Domfront is no exception in this regard.

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